Hello, I'm AmarAtma Khalsa

As a Grief Coach, I stand on the foundations and credentials as a Board-Certified Chaplain, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, and Ordination in Ministry.

I've supported hundreds and even thousands of grievers, often those facing unimaginably tragic losses. I have specialized training to create peace and joy amidst the most challenging situations.

My education background began with an undergraduate degree in an interdisciplinary study of spirituality and culture at UC Santa Cruz. I completed a 5-year clinical graduate degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and paralleled that time with a deep contemplative apprenticeship program in my ministry education of Sikh Dharma. Board Certified in Acupuncture in 2011. Ordination in Sikh Dharma received in 2012. 

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I began my Chaplain education in 2014. I completed the year and a half-long Residency and my one year fellowship in a 650-bed, Trauma-1, inner-city University hospital in downtown Phoenix, AZ. I continued this specialty for the next five years and received my long-awaited board certification in Chaplaincy in 2019.

As a side, next to physicians, Chaplains have the most education of anyone in the hospital setting!

Chaplaincy is the profession that meets the emotional, cultural, spiritual and religious needs of people most often in the hospital or health care setting. We learn to empathetically sit in the pain of others without needing to fix or change them. That level of presence takes work and profound introspection. We say, "You can't be comfortable in the dark places of people's lives unless you're comfortable in the dark places of your own life."

I took this to heart. I didn't want to be one of those people standing at the top of the mountain sharing one-liners and edicts, patronizing grievers. And because I worked in such a diverse hospital setting, cultural humility and humanistic principles are paramount to meeting people in an interfaith, multifaith, or no-faith capacity. 

The grief work I offer helped me get to see and feel the pain I stuffed away because, like many, I had also adopted the "push pain away" methods of coping and didn't know how to let go. Little did I know how much unresolved grief I had!

I'm honored to introduce myself to you and look forward to helping you find the deep level of relief I experienced from this work.  

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Amar Atma Khalsa MTCM, BCC


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