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What We Do


Actionable and practical methodology to transform emotional pain.

A container for safety and confidentiality absent from shame, judgement, rejection and retaliation. 

Evidence-based, solution-minded techniques for real results.


What is Grief Coaching?

What is Grief Coaching?

12-Week Grief COACHING

Online Group Coaching

12-week Grief Coaching utilizing the Grief Recovery Method for healing pain associated with unresolved grief

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What is Grief Coaching?

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

 - Maya Angelou 

01 Normalizing Grief

02 Unresolved grief

Most of the information we've learned about dealing with loss is intellectual. Although grief coaching involves some educational elements to help us unlearn the myths around grieving, effective Grief Recovery must deal with the pain of the heart, requiring emotional support instead of intellectual explanations.

Broadening the definition to "grief comes from changes in the familiar" gives insights into our understanding of how losses affect our emotional harmony. Unresolved grief is the emotional pain of those losses for which there are many. Grief Recovery shares this pain is often about undelivered communication: things we wish we'd said or done differently, better or more, and reflecting on unrealized hopes, dreams, and expectations. We'll spend time exploring our previous losses and the emotional pain we still carry.  

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03 Recovery Components

After the initial weeks of clarifying the misinformation about grief, we'll learn new tools referred to as "recovery components." These tools become the bulk of our coaching sessions and teach how to release, let go and transform emotional pain. 

04 Learning how to Let Go

With new life tools for effective grieving, we explore parts of life that feel incomplete and apply the unique skill set to other areas of life for more profound relief and release.

1:1 Grief Coaching

The Many Kinds of Losses

- Death of a spouse
- Divorce
- Suicide
- Loss of pet
- Marital separation
- Imprisonment
- Death of a close family member
- Personal injury or illness
- Separation
- Dismissal from work
- Retirement
- Change in health of family member
- Pregnancy
- Sexual difficulties
- Business readjustment
- Change in financial state
- Death of a close friend
- 2nd or 3rd career
- New home, new mortgage
- Foreclosure of mortgage or loan
- Change in responsibilities at work
- Child leaving home
- Moving homes/schools for children
- Spouse starts or stops work
- Begin or end school
- Change in living conditions
- Revision of personal habits
- Trouble with boss
- Change in residence
- Change in schools
- Change in recreation
- Change in church/pastor/leadership
- Change in spiritual community
- Change in social activities
- Change in eating habits
- Loss of Trust
- Loss of Approval
- Loss of Safety
- Loss of Control of my body
- Aging
- Midlife crisis
- Loss of youth
- Menopause
- New terminal diagnosis
- Chronic pain/ailments

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Stories from grievers who have participated in the Grief Recovery Method

Stories from grievers who have participated in the Grief Recovery Method

Letting go is not forgetting

The pain of your loss doesn't have to be a life sentence


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